Welcome To The MARS Phone Patch Net

The net operates 24/7 and can use extra help at anytime during the day or night that you are available to volunteer.  MARS members receive special assignment to operate on the net after meeting the requirements.  Most members do not have a pre-set schedule, and check in with Net Control anytime they have an hour or more that they are able to volunteer.

The net runs interesting and real traffic every day!  Surveillance aircraft, Medivac aircraft, Tankers, Heavy Transport aircraft and Reserve aircraft routinely utilize the services of the Phone Patch Net.  While the overwelming majority of the traffic is routine morale or routine official traffic, virtually all members of the net have at one time or another run traffic for an aircraft with an emergency situation.

If you are an Amateur Radio operator and would like to join the USAF Phone Patch Net, you must first be a member of Army or Air Force MARS, completed initial training and have the recommendation of your State MARS Director.

Members must have:

Phone patch with clear, undistorted audio.

Stable HF transceiver that can operate on all PPN frequencies 4 – 30 mHz.

600 W amplifier.

Full-size steerable beam type antenna (6DBd or better) capable of operation on
13 – 30 mhz.

Capable of monitoring and quickly operating on 7 Mhz.

Dipoles are often used for the secondary frequency.

MARS Phone Patch Net requires a minimum participation of 36 hours per quarter however the Phone Patch Net desires people who can volunteer more time. Current members devote from 20 to 200 hours a month to the program. Members must work well with others.

Use the contact form for more detailed information. Include your amateur and MARS callsign.

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