“Providing RadioTelephone Service to US Military Aircraft Worldwide”

 The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is a United States Department of Defense sponsored program, established as a separately managed and operated program by the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force. The program is a civilian auxiliary consisting primarily of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in assisting the military with communications on a local, national, and international basis as an adjunct to normal communications.

The Phone Patch Net is now listed in the Flight Information Publication as of April 2016.

The MARS Phone Patch Net provides HF Radio Telephone Service to all US Military,  Coast Guard, Dept. of Homeland Security Aircraft and Allied Forces.  The net is staffed 24/7 by  Amateur Radio volunteers who are members of the Air Force or Army MARS program.

Net operation frequencies will be provided to DOD personnel to upon request. Use the contact form to get further information or questions. AF/MARS does not normally set up a schedule, but if you let us know that you might need our assistance around a certain time use Contact US to let us know and we will try to have station(s) available.  The authorization to get on the phone patch net is with the aircraft.  Members of the Armed Forces flying commercial aircraft are not authorized to use the phone patch net.  The net is available for phone patch radio checks and aircrew training in the use of the net.
There is a training package that can be mailed to training or squadron officers that includes information on the phone patch net and a 15 minute DVD about the MARS program and operation.  Requests including the military address can be sent through our Contact page.
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